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There are many reasons why a company might consider paying for its employees to study a foreign language, but the bottom line is that language study increases the ease of communication, whether written or verbal, with foreign business partners. If you work for a company that is considering language classes, you may have similar concerns as individuals considering language classes for themselves.

If you are considering this, your company is obviously committed to increasing the value of its employees, but you are probably hoping to do so in the most efficient way possible.  Your company may be concerned about the true worth of investing in your employees’ language lessons, especially in regards to each individual employee’s personal motivation to improve. Your company could decide to make this huge investment and end up having nothing to show for it, and many online language schools would provide you with a very convenient set of excuses to explain the lack of results.

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Our patent-pending method requires the teacher to type everything the student says during the lesson, which allows for you and your company to monitor the effectiveness and efficiency of your students’ lessons.

Supervisors can pinpoint the progress of each student from the first lesson at any time using our unique criteria:

  1. The number of words said during each lesson
  2. The number of words said during each lesson including the corrections
  3. The error percentage of each lesson, or the amount of corrections compared to what was originally said
  4. Number of new words learned and practiced and the number of pronunciation corrections in each lesson

The result is remarkable: not only will your employees overcome the language barrier at a significantly faster rate thanks to the utilization of their visual memory, but you and your company will also be able to measure your employees’ progress and monitor each employee’s motivation by checking in on completion of homework assignments. Because our lessons focus on speaking and listening skills, our homework tasks are created and assigned with the improvement of students’ writing skills (responding to emails, writing business letters, etc.) in mind.

We have a number of corporate clients who love our unique method and are happy to recommend us. Please schedule an appointment with our corporate department to get a quote for your company. You can either send us an email at [email protected] to request an appointment or use the site’s live chat function. Please be sure to provide your company name, the number of employees, your industry, and the foreign language you would like your employees to learn.

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