Online ESL Teachers – Mila Dvoretskaya

Mila Dvoretskaya

Education: Mila was born and raised in Kazakhstan, moved in USA in 2004. Mila received honor Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees in Education from Karaganda State University. The most recent achievement (2009) is an honor Master’s Degree in Industrial and Organizational Psychology from The Chicago School of Professional Phycology. Mila lives and works in Chicago, IL.

Experience: Mila has total 17 years of reaching experience; 10 of them is teaching English for Russian-speaking students. Mila worked with different levels of English skills students – from very beginners to advanced speakers wanting to sharpen up English wordcabulary and pronunciation. Mila loves to share her knowledge and see students’ progress; it gives her a feeling of personal accomplishment.
Skills and Passions: Mila loves reading, classical and jazz music, fine arts, musicals, theater and many more. Other passions are needlework and gardening. She like jogging outside, Pilates and Yoga on the beach, walking with her dog at night and just hanging around her family and friends with a glass of beer.

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